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LOFT ATTITUDE is an online store specializing in the sale of affordable designer furniture, objects, and decorative accessories. For all your furnishing, layout, and interior decoration projects, you will find a wide selection of trendy design furniture to decorate the interior of your home with brands such as Kare Design, Camino a Casa, Denzzo, Ixia, or Socadis. We also offer numerous decorative accessories to personalize your interior according to your tastes and desires with a designer mirror. Recognized in the field of design and home and apartment layout, LOFT ATTITUDE, with the Blomus brand, offers you furniture, decorative objects, accessories, and storage solutions for the kitchen, bathroom and toilets, bedroom, living room, and even the garden. Our experience and knowledge allow us to present you with Sompex and Villeroy & Boch brands' designer lamps, floor lamps, outdoor lamps, wall lights, desk lamps, and bedside lamps. You will also find a selection of buffets and large bookcases, wall decorations, photo frames, and other trendy decorative accessories for the layout of your living room, kitchen with our famous Parisian bistro marble table, your bedroom and your child's room, as well as your garden.


Designer Accessories for Your Interior

On our online store, you can discover the entirety of our indoor and outdoor furniture and decorative accessories. With our selection of articles, we offer you the opportunity to furnish your home, house or apartment according to your desires and convenience. To light up and illuminate your interior, order an LED lamp, a floor lamp, a designer wall light, a designer pendant light, or simply decorate your coffee table with a splendid LED candle. To discover the latest trends in furniture and decoration, consult our online catalog. For a change in decoration, LOFT ATTITUDE offers you wardrobes, buffets, or designer dressers for your interior at the best price. To meet all your requests and to accompany you in your furnishing and furniture project, discover promotions and clearance sales of designer furniture and elegant decorative objects, our discounted lighting, and reduced-price garden furniture. Make good deals and find designer desks, elegant consoles for your entrance, and TV furniture for your living room. Our team of professionals accompanies you in all your interior and exterior furnishing and furniture projects by offering you trendy and creative quality collections. Regularly, we offer you new designer furniture and decoration items. With LOFT ATTITUDE, completely decorate your habitat with our selection of illuminated earth globes. Our main objective is to offer original high-quality designer furniture at very advantageous prices. The sale of designer furniture and decorative accessories is our core business. Make your choice among dozens of designer furniture and decorative objects. On our site, you will find all kinds of designer furniture and accessories for the home at unbeatable prices.


CLAYTON black metal and glass coffee table 70x70CM

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CLAYTON coffee table 70x70cm in Black Metal and Glass - DRIMMER (Ref. D4518)

The coffee table CLAYTON 70x70cm, reference D4518, is a symbol of modern style. With dimensions 70 cm long and wide, and a height 38 cm, it is ideal as a central room in any living room.

Essential features:

  • Black Metallic Structure: This sturdy and stylish base forms the basis of the table, ensuring both durability and elegance.
  • Tray in Trempé Verre Transparent : The tray adds a touch of elegance and clarity, making the table functional and aesthetically appealing.
  • Additional shelf No Parallel: Offer a convenient storage with a unique design. This shelf is perfect for storing magazines, remotes or other small objects, while adding a distinct design touch.

Perfect to modernize any living space, the CLAYTON coffee table 70x70cm combine functionality and design. It will integrate harmoniously into various decors, offering both a practical aspect and an aesthetic appeal.

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Black metal console and glass CLAYTON 120CM

€374.17 €355.46
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CLAYTON Console 120cm in Black Metal and Glass - Reference D4519 - DRIMMER

The CLAYTON 120cm, reference D4519, is a perfect example of design and functionality. Its dimensions 130 cm long, 35 cm wide, and 80 cm high, combine modern aesthetics and practicality, ideal for any contemporary space.

Key features:

  • Elegant structure in Black Metal : Provides unmatched stability and timeless style. Its robustness ensures increased longevity, while its elegant design brings a touch of sophistication to any interior.
  • Two Top Trays in Trempé Glass: Perfect for displaying decorative objects or books. The top tray is made of transparent glass while the lower tray of slightly smoky glass comes to play the contrast and adds a dimension of lightness and elegance, while being practical and easy to clean.
  • Lower shelf in Metal : Provides additional storage and visual harmony with this darker contrast. This additional shelf offers a convenient storage space while preserving the aesthetic harmony of the console.

The CLAYTON 120cm harmoniously combines style and functionality. It lends itself to a multitude of uses, whether as an entrance cabinet, support for decorations or as a practical element in a living room. With its sleek and modern design, it will fit perfectly into any contemporary decor.

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Extra table metal black and glass CLAYTON H45

€165.83 €157.54
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Table of Appoint CLAYTON 45cm in Black Metal and Glass - DRIMMER (Ref. D4517)

Discover extra table CLAYTON 45cm, reference D4517. Its dimensions 45 cm long and wide, and a height 55 cm, make it perfect for aesthetics and utility in any modern space.

Main features:

  • Base in Black Metal : Offer a stable structure and a modern look. This solid base ensures greater durability while adding a touch of contemporary elegance.
  • Trempé glass tray : For air design and easy cleaning. This elegant tray adds a dimension of sophistication and modernity to the table.
  • Metal shelf Innovative: Creates a levitation effect and provides additional storage. This unique shelf adds both functionality and a touch of avant-garde design.

The extra table CLAYTON 45cm is an ideal combination of style and functionality, lending itself to various uses in any modern decor. Whether as a bedside table, an extra table in a living room or as a decorative support, it adapts to all needs with elegance.

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Black metal and glass side table CLAYTON H50

€157.50 €149.63
  Delivery within 15 days
In stock : 1

Table of Appoint CLAYTON 50cm in Black Metal and Glass - DRIMMER (Ref. D4516)

Discover extra table CLAYTON, a masterpiece of contemporary design that combines modern aesthetics and innovative functionality. With its perfect dimensions of 40 cm in length and width for an elegant height 50 cm, the CLAYTON integrates harmoniously into any modern space, whether it is a warm living room or a professional office.

Distinguished features:

  • Structure in Black Metal : This table is built with a black metal structure, ensuring irreproachable solidity. Its robust design makes no compromise on elegance, offering a solid and refined base that captures the eyes.
  • Tray in Trempé Verre Transparent : The top transparent tempered glass top adds a touch of air elegance. Its transparency creates a feeling of lightness and space, while highlighting the objects you choose to exhibit.
  • Additional shelf Asymmetrical: CLAYTON is not only beautiful; it is also practical. The metal bottom shelf adds an additional storage space while offering a unique aesthetic touch thanks to its asymmetrical design.

The extra table CLAYTON is much more than just a piece of furniture; it is an art work that combines functionality and style. It will fit perfectly in various spaces, adding a touch of modernity and elegance. Whether you want to expose your favorite books, put a mood lamp or simply add a design element to your room, CLAYTON is the ideal choice.

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Black metal coffee table and DAWSON glass 70x70CM

€207.50 €197.13
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Table Bass DAWSON 70x70cm in Black Metal & Glass - Reference D4515 - DRIMMER

Modern and functional design

The dAWSON coffee table 70x70cm embodies modern elegance with a functional design, perfect to enrich any contemporary living room.

Product description:

The dAWSON coffee table, reference D4515 de DRIMMER, offers a perfect combination of style and practicality. With its balanced dimensions and distinctive design, this table is an asset for every living space, bringing a modern and welcoming look.

Technical specifications:

  • Ideal dimensions: Length and width of 70 cm with a height of 38 cm, creating a perfect central space in your living room.
  • Structure in Black Metal : True to the aesthetic DAWSON, the table has a robust base in black finish metal, guaranteeing stability and longevity.
  • Trempé Verre Tray Transparent: The top shelf in tempered glass adds an element of elegance and clarity, while being durable and easy to clean.
  • Additional shelf in Metal: Like the other parts of the range, this coffee table incorporates a metal shelf supported by metal rods with geometric shapes, offering a practical storage space and a unique design.

Versatility and Storage Space

This coffee table is not only an aesthetic focal point in your living room, but it also offers a convenient additional storage space thanks to its innovative metal shelf.

Simplified interview

Maintenance of this coffee table it's easy. The glass shelf can be cleaned with a soft cloth, and the metal shelf as well as the structure can be dusted to preserve their appearance.

A Esthetic and Practical Choice

By choosing the dAWSON coffee table 70x70cm de DRIMMER, you choose a furniture that combines contemporary design, functionality and durability, ideal to complete any modern or classic interior.

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