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Storage box - Design and functional furniture - Loft Attitude

Discover our selection of high quality storage boxes from our trusted suppliers Kare Design, Ixia, Denzzo, Drimmer, Home Edelweis, Umbra and Socadis. Our range of storage boxes is designed to meet your storage needs while adding a touch of style to your home.

Storage box in solid wood and metal

Whether you're looking for a rustic and warm look with a solid wooden storage box or a sleek and industrial style with a metal storage box, we have everything you need. Browse our selection to find the perfect storage box for your interior decoration.

Team of experts at your disposal

Our furniture expert team is here to help you find the ideal storage box to meet your storage needs and personal style. We offer fast and free shipping on orders over 199€, so order now with confidence at home Loft Attitude.

POP dark gray fabric folding bench box

€40.83 €24.50
  In stock: delivery within 48 hours
In stock : 2

Foldable bench box in dark grey POP from the brand Loft Attitude reference 39-2M-407

At once trend, convenient and current, this dark grey fabric storage box is an ideal addition to your interior.

Easily integrate this storage pouf in your bedroom at the end of bed or in a modern living room.

Discover this contemporary storage box on Loftattitude.com, your trendy furniture shop.

  • -40%

STOOL UMBRA black walnut storage stool

€129.17 €90.42
  In stock: delivery within 48 hours
In stock : 2

Here's one round stool wood walnut aspect with its black lacquered lid adds one side subtle and neutral in its form contemporary
Here's a little versatile furniture can serve as a stool extra table storage box footrest or even shopping cart.
Thanks to its cylindrical shape you can store large household items like blankets or cushions on your couch.
Ideal for small spaces, its wide lid allows it to be used as a booster table or small seat extra.
Easy to move thanks to its handles on each side you can put it in any room of your Loft.
This stool of a large solidity and stability, you will also allow to climb on without fear to use it step-foot in order to catch your objects in height.
Its natural wood finish is ecological because completely recyclable, a modularity appreciable for everyday life!

  • -30%

STOOL beige suitcase stool with storage

(2 reviews)
  In stock: delivery within 48 hours
In stock : 1

STOOL pouch stool with Kare Design reference 83244 for our website Loftattitude.com

The stool STOOL of the mark Kare Design is a unique and bold product that offers the most ingenious double job. Its shape of beige color suitcase actually hides a wide storage space, allowing you to easily store your business. With its 4 wooden feet, this stool is both solid and elegant.

Opt for this original stool to bring a touch of creativity to your interior decoration. Home Loftattitude.com, we offer this quality product, reference 83244, to offer you an exceptional shopping experience.

  • -20%

MANDALA gray folding storage chest

€64.17 €32.08
  In stock: delivery within 48 hours
In stock : 2

Foldable storage box fabric gray with a white pattern on the top.

This storage box will easily fit into a room in bed or in a bed living room.

  • -50%

Natural wood stool with storage STOOL UMBRA

€129.17 €90.42

This is stool is composed of a white color seat and a frame in wood natural.

Several possibilities for a single product! You can enjoy this product as a product stool shopping cart thanks to its handles or extra table thanks to its wide rounded tray.

One modularity appreciable for everyday life!

  • -30%
  • Out of stock, contact us: info@loftattitude.com

Light gray chest bench CHERRY KARE DESIGN

€332.50 €266.00
  In stock: delivery within 48/72 hours
In stock : 1

CHERRY KARE DESIGN Light Grey Box - Item 84080 Loftattitude.com

Opt for the banquette CHERRY KARE DESIGN kare Design brand reference 84080 to add a touch of modernity and practicality to your living room or room. With its trendy design, this bench in velvet effect fabric light grey colour has a rectangular seating and a large storage box hidden under the seat.

This is storage cabinet is perfect to store a few things in any discretion and bring a cozy atmosphere in your loft. The CHERRY KARE DESIGN bench is ideal for small spaces and interiors in contemporary style.

Buy now this banquette Light grey box CHERRY KARE DESIGN on Loftattitude.com for one interior design practical and aesthetic!

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