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Soap dish

Nexio Brushed Stainless Steel Soap Dish Blomus

(10 reviews)
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Stainless steel soap holder Nexio Blomus reference 68616

Discover this soap door sleek design proposed by Loft Attitude, your online shop'object trend. Ideal for your bathroom or toilet, this soap door in brushed stainless steel of the mark Blomus will fit perfectly into your decoration.

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NEXIO brushed stainless steel wall-mounted shower gel holder Blomus

(1 review)
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In stock : 2

NEXIO brushed stainless steel wall shower gel holder Blomus - reference 68941

This is shower gel door NEXIO to be fixed or glue on your wall to make your life easier!

Great practice and above all aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic,this door Gel-douche rectangular in brushed stainless steel is equipped with a removable black plastic background as well as a black elastic band to easily attach your tubes, razors or any other toiletries.

A high-end shower gel door designed and designer by Blomus 

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AREO polished stainless steel designer wall soap dish

€45.75 €32.03
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In stock : 1

AREO polished stainless steel vertical toilet paper retractor Blomus reference 68911 on Loftattitude.com

Access your bathroom with this beautiful soap door with modern and refined design

The toilet paper aREO polished stainless steel vertical Blomus reference 68911 is a high quality product that will enhance your interior.

Practice and elegant, it easily installs in your bathroom for daily use. With its contemporary design, it will bring a modern and sophisticated touch to your decoration. Order now on Loftattitude.com and enjoy the fast delivery.

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AREO brushed stainless steel wall soap dish

  In stock: delivery within 48 hours
In stock : 1

AREO brushed stainless steel wall soap holder Blomus reference 68901 on Loftattitude.com

Product description:

Access your bathroom with this beautiful brand AREO soap holder Blomus. This wall soap door contemporary design and refined in brushed stainless steel will enhance your interior by bringing a touch of elegance to your decoration.

It will take place on the wall of your sink or in your shower to allow you to install your favorite soap and keep it at hand to make your toilet or wash your hands.

    LINEA ZACK brushed stainless steel wall-mounted shower basket

    (1 review)
      In stock: delivery within 48 hours
    In stock : 1


    A wall shower basket made of brushed stainless steel mat finish which will take place on the wall of your bathroom and will bring you a room gain and ease of storage. Its minimalist design makes it easy to remove the basket for cleaning.

    Easy to install, this basket will satisfy you daily the quality of its materials.

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