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Category Safety and guidance poles - Loft Attitude

Welcome to the category Safety and guidance poles Loft Attitude, your reference in interior and exterior layout. We offer a wide range of safety and guidance poles to meet your safety and guidance needs. Our products are made from high quality materials to ensure a long life and greater resistance to weather.

Safety and guidance poles with elegant and contemporary design from Kare Design

We work with renowned suppliers such as Kare Design to offer you safety and guidance posts with elegant and contemporary design. These posts add a touch of modernity to your space while ensuring the safety of your guests.

Browse through our selection of safety and guidance poles to find the one that best suits your project. Home Loft Attitude, we are determined to provide you with superior quality products and exceptional customer service. Order now and receive a quick and free delivery on eligible orders.

Red VIP rope for chrome post

€27.50 €16.50
  In stock: delivery within 48 hours
In stock : 8

Red VIP cable for chromed pole KARE DESIGN reference 32750 - LOft Attitude

Add a touch of glamour and distinction to your event

The red color of the rope adds a touch of glamour and distinction at your event. Whether you're organizing a business event, a wedding or a private party VIP rope red for chromed pole of the mark KARE DESIGN reference 32750 is the perfect choice to impress your guests.

Order now for an unforgettable VIP experience

Don't let the opportunity to add one sophisticated touch to your event space. Order now the Red VIP Cord for chromed pole of the brand KARE DESIGN reference 32750 and offer your guests a unforgettable VIP experience.

Here's the red rope for guidance posts or security of our vIP stand !

Sold for unity!

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Stainless steel luggage rack on VIP wheels

  Delivery within 15 days
In stock : 1

Chrome-plated smoking rack on VIP KARE DESIGN wheels, reference 76652 - Loft Attitude

The carrier stainless steel on VIP casters KARE DESIGN is the perfect accessory to add both practicality and elegance to your interior. With its elegant black carpet and its structure shiny stainless steel and robust, it is both durable and aesthetic. Built-in wheels make it easy to move from one piece to another, while its compact shape makes it easy to store.

Whether it's an original way to welcome your guests' clothes or to store your luggage while you're travelling, this luggage carrier is a wise choice. Opt for the stainless steel rack on KARE DESIGN VIP roulette to add a contemporary touch and style to your interior.

Do not hesitate to order now to enjoy the fast delivery and quality customer service.

    Chrome safety post for VIP Rope

    (1 review)
      In stock: delivery within 48 hours
    In stock : 6

    Chromed safety pole for VIP rope KARE DESIGN 32681 - Loft Attitude

    The brand's chrome security pole for VIP rope KARE DESIGN, reference 32681, is an accessory for secure and beautify your vIP space.

    An elegant and quality design

    Made with quality materials, this safety pole is both robust and sustainable. Its finish glossy chrome confers on him aesthetic aspect remarkable that perfectly harmonizes with any type of decoration. The matching VIP rope adds a touch of elegance to your event or VIP space.

    Opt for quality and safety with this KARE DESIGN rope 32681 propose on loftattitude.com !

    Attention sold individually !This safety pole is made of stainless steel with optional the VIP rope

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