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Bar stools - Loft Attitude

Discover our bar stool collection on Loft Attitude, where you can find a variety of classic and elegant models to customize your interior. We work in partnership with quality suppliers such as Blomus, Kare Design, Ixia, Denzzo, Drimmer, Home Edelweis, Camino a casa, Socadis to offer you the best choices.

A wide choice of styles and materials

That you were looking for stools in leather, in imitation leather, wood or plastic, with or without back, on four or two feet or on a tulip foot, we have options for all tastes and styles of decoration. We also offer a variety of colors and materials so that you can customize your interior with our bar stools.

By browsing our site, you will find bar stools wood, white, black, transparent, red, grey or chrome metal, scandinavian style, industrial design, leather, white leather, plexi and much more. We are certain that you will find the model that suits your interior perfectly.

The bar stool is an essential element to create a warm atmosphere in your living space. Depending on the design of your interior, you can opt for models with refined patterns that harmoniously mix wood and textile, or leather models for a more sophisticated touch. Transparent stools are also very trendy.

Quality bar stools at affordable prices

On our online store, we offer high-quality bar stools at affordable prices. We have a variety of models, including wooden stools, adjustable stools with cylinders or pistons, vintage bar stools, folding stools, metal bar stools, industrial bar stools and much more to meet all your interior design requirements. Order now on our site and transform your space into a friendly and elegant place.

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Black lounge bar stool

€124.17 €99.33
  In stock: delivery within 48 hours
In stock : 1

Kare Design black lounge bar stool reference C4511 for our website Loftattitude.com

Give your interior a touch of modernity with this beautiful black lounge bar stool proposed by Loft Attitude. With its neat finish, manufacturing quality and elegant lines, this stool is the ideal element to add a touch of elegance to your bar or kitchen.

This bar stool is a retro model inspired by the 1960s. It is covered with a shiny black leather simili coating that gives it a very elegant look. The chrome feet complete the look with a shine touch extra. This black lounge bar stool from the brand Kare Design is made with quality materials to ensure a long life.

This bar stool is 74 cm tall and 48 cm wide, making it a comfortable option for all users.

That stool bar white will easily integrate around your bar lounge or your islet central.

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Monaco vintage brown faux leather bar stool

(1 review)
  In stock: delivery within 48 hours
In stock : 3

Description of the vintage brown leather bar stool Monaco of the brand Kare Design reference 81836 - Loftattitude.com

The stool bar leather vintage brown Monaco of the mark Kare Design reference 81836 is an essential decoration accessory for lovers of retro style. Renovated with brown leather simili with apparent seams, this stool rests on an adjustable foot and rotating in chrome, equipped with a footrest for optimal comfort.

With its vintage look and mix of materials, this bar stool has a unique identity. It will perfectly complement your retro decoration and add a touch of charm inside. Install it around your bar or in your kitchen for pleasant moments with style.

On Loftattitude.com, we offer a wide range of design furniture for the house, including bar stools. Discover our selection now and find the pieces that will suit your interior decoration perfectly.

Also available in wood and fabrics.

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Monaco chocolate fabric and wood bar stool

(1 review)
  In stock: delivery within 48 hours
In stock : 4

Find Bar Stool Chocolate and Wooden Fabrics Monaco - Kare Design 81833 Loftattitude.com

Discover our bar stool clothed in tissue chocolate and wood walnut color, reference 81833 of the mark Kare Design on Loftattitude.com. This bar stool with a retro and cozy look features a footrest and rests on an adjustable foot and rotating in chrome. Its mixture of matter gives it all its identity and its comfort is at all times.

Add a touch of style to your kitchen or bar with this uniquely designed bar stool. Enjoy pleasant moments with your friends and family while comfort and elegance.

Also available in simili leather brown

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Lara gray fabric and light wood bar stool

€207.50 €166.00
  In stock: delivery within 48 hours
In stock : 1

Description of Kare Design brand Lara bar stool - Reference 80876 Loftattitude.com

The bar stool grey fabric and light wood brand Lara Kare Design, reference 80876, available on our website Loftattitude.com, is an elegant and comfortable furniture that will add modern touch inside.

Composed of a seat and a file fabric gray color, this bar stool rests on 4 feet wood clear and has a chrome footrest. The strong padding of the seat ensures optimal comfort, allowing you to spend pleasant moments around your kitchen or bar.

The mix of styles of this bar stool gives it a great adaptability to different types of interiors. With his current look and trend, it will bring a warm atmosphere to your Loft.

Opt for this bar stool grey fabric and light wood Lara of the mark Kare Design, reference 80876, for a design and comfortable furniture on a daily basis.

Discover the entire Lara range

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Ornament White and Chrome Bar Stool

(2 reviews)
  In stock: delivery within 48 hours
In stock : 7

White and chrome bar stool Kare Design brand ornament for Loftattitude.com

The bar stool white and chrome Ornament of brand Kare Design, reference 76859 on Loftattitude.com, is a great furniture for your bar or kitchen. This stool consists of a white lacquered seat and back, enhanced with multiple engraved drawings for a baroque and romantic style.

With a footrest and a rounded chrome foot, this bar stool ensures optimal comfort for daily use. Moreover, thanks to its foot mounted on a cylinder, it is adjustable in height, offering great adaptability in different environments.

This is white and chrome bar stool Ornament is much more than just a seat, it is a real decorative object that will add a touch of modernity and trend to your interior. Its mix of styles ensures easy adaptation in different universes and its manufacturing quality ensures long-term use.

Dialso available in black color.

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Vintage brown and gold Lady Rock bar stool

€215.83 €172.67
  In stock: delivery within 48 hours
In stock : 6

Kare Design vintage brown bar stool - Reference 77572 Loftattitude.com

Bring one touch lounge and vintage in your interior with lady Rock bar stool of the mark Kare Design. This high-end stool, referenced 77572 on our website Loftattitude.com, has a coating aged leather effect brown color, as well as a footrest and four-foot gold color for a style rock and glamour.

In addition to her original look, this stool is also very comfortable thanks to its generous seat. It will adapt perfectly to your bar or kitchen and will blend harmoniously with your interior decoration.

Access your loft with this product and bring touch of madness your daily life thanks to its unique style. Order now the bar stool vintage brown and gold Lady Rock on Loftattitude.com for quick delivery at home.

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Tabouret de bar Contry Life

€215.83 €172.67
  In stock: delivery within 48 hours
In stock : 2

Contry Life Bar Stool from Kare Design Reference 80203 - Loft Attitude

Discover our stool bar Contry Life, reference 80203 of the mark Kare Design on our website Loftattitude.com. This bar stool is a real jewel for your interior, combining comfort and rustic style.

Description of product

This bar stool consists of a goat leather seat and covered with a natural goat skin fur, resting on 2 feet of metal for great stability. With its strong style and mix of materials, it will easily adapt to your living room or chalet at the corner of the fire to create a lounge and rustic atmosphere.

Bring an original touch to your interior

This decorative accessory will bring an original touch to your interior, whether it is a loft, a chalet or a modern house. Enjoy its modern and rustic style to create a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Feel free and access your interior with our bar stool Contry Life of the mark Kare Design reference 80203 available on our website Loftattitude.com.

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Bar stool 69cm AMITIE

€145.00 €137.75
  Delivery within 15 days
In stock : 1

Find HOME EDELWEISS bar stool 69cm AMITIE Reference UX604 Loftattitude.com

The Bar stool 69cm AMITIE of the mark HOME EDELWEISS, reference UX604, is a perfect choice to bring touch industrial and trend at your counter. With its rounded wooden seat and footrest, this stool offers not only an elegant design, but also an optimal comfort.

Designed with high quality materials, this bar stool combines the wood and metal black to create a modern and sophisticated look. The 3-foot black metal ensures optimal stability, while the circular footrest adds an additional dimension of comfort.

With the Bar stool 69cm AMITIE, you can enjoy a comfortable sitting while adding a masterpiece to your space. Son versatile design fits perfectly in different interior design styles, whether in an industrial loft, modern kitchen or a trendy bar.

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