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General Catalogue Loft Attitude : Discover our selection of design furniture

Home Loft Attitude, discover our extensive selection of design furniture for your interior. Our general catalogue includes quality parts, designed and designed by our suppliers such as KARE DESIGN, SOMPEX, BLOMUS, Villeroy & Boch and much more.

Designer KARE DESIGN :

  • Andreas Weber - German industrial designer, specialized in furniture and luminaire design.
  • Jutta Kaiser - German designer, specialized in the creation of furniture and high-end interior accessories.
  • Lorenz Kaz - German designer, who works on projects ranging from furniture to consumer products.
  • Rainer Klemmt - German designer, specialized in the creation of elegant and functional furniture.
  • Dagmar Kögel - German designer, specialized in the design of solid wood furniture and luminaires.
  • Philippe Xerri - French designer, who created many products for the brand Kare Design.

Designer BLOMUS :

  • Kashkasch : Designer, cashmere, style, creativity, minimalist forms
  • Theresa Rand : design, style, galbed, creative and beautiful
  • Frederike Martens : designer, blomus team, creative, purist, minimalist, own series
  • Adam Miller : designer, style, creativity, quality, danish design, high quality
  • David Meier : german designer, agency, global, style, chic, beautiful
  • Pierre Lienhart : Lighting, design, style, LED, interior, outdoor, expert, blomus team
  • Luca Galmarini : Nature, design, style, durable, wood, elements, international
  • Nina Thöming : Flöz Design, style, creative, beautiful, high quality, minimalist
  • Kazushige Miyaké : The Japanese designer
  • Andreas Kowalewski
  • Robin Scholtysik : luminaires and decorative accessories.

Design furniture for all tastes and budgets

We offer a wide range of design furniture, from comfortable sofa to elegant coffee table, to modern luminaires and decorative accessories. Whether you're looking for a sleek Scandinavian style or a crude industrial look, we have furniture for all tastes and budgets.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly furniture

We work with trusted manufacturers to offer you rugged, sustainable and environmentally friendly furniture. Home Loft Attitude, we are committed to responsible consumption and we prefer quality materials to guarantee you furniture that will last in time.

Order online and enjoy fast and reliable delivery

Browse our general online catalogue and order your furniture in just a few clicks. Home Loft Attitude, we are here to make your shopping experience simple, pleasant and satisfying. Get fast and reliable delivery directly to your home.

Contact us for personalized advice

Our team of enthusiasts is at your disposal to guide you in choosing your furniture and answer all your questions. Feel free to contact us for any inquiries or for personalized advice. We are listening to you to help you find the design furniture that will embellish your interior.

SLING sink black sponge holder

€15.00 €10.50
  Order today. Coming soon
In stock : 0

Sponge door flexible colour black who will come around faucet.

Thanks to her flexibility, this sponge door will easily adapt to any type of'sink and tap.

Opt for this product that will be of great help daily.

  • -30%

Patron office chair with wooden and black casters

(2 reviews)
  In stock: delivery within 48/72 hours
In stock : 1

Office chair with wooden and black wheels Brand name Kare Design reference 79696 for Loftattitude.com

Description of the office chair

The office chair reference 79696 of the mark Kare Design, available on our website Loftattitude.com, is a chair both comfortable and design. Composed of wood for her case and her armrests, she is covered with a leather effect black for his seat. It has a star-shaped foot chrome resting on 4 wheels, for high stability and easy mobility.

Ergonomic comfort and elegant design

This office chair offers a optimum comfort for long working days thanks to its oval back and two armrests that keep the back perfectly. You can also adjust the height of your seat using the handle under the seat. With its mix of style and material, this chair is an asset to modernize your office and affirm your difference.

  • -20%

Slim white digital kitchen scale

€14.17 €9.92
  In stock: delivery within 48 hours
In stock : 4

White Slim digital kitchen balance Balvi |misumi Loftattitude.com

Discover kitchen balance Slim white of the mark Balvi reference 24337 on Loftattitude.com. This balance combines an elegant design with great practicality. With a weighing capacity up to 3 kg, it gives you a measurement accuracy to the gram close.

Thanks to its compact size, this kitchen scale is an indispensable accessory for restricted spaces. Its clear digital display facilitates reading of weighing results.

Whether you're a professional chef or a demanding amateur chef, this electronic balance Slim will meet your accuracy and efficiency needs. Don't leave anything random in your recipes with this kitchen balance Slim white.

  • -30%

Terrestrial globe design blue metallic silver aluminum base Vision Midnight

€162.50 €138.13
  En stock : livraison sous 48h
In stock : 1

Find Earth Globe: Blue Night Vision Loft Attitude

Elegant and educational decoration for home and office

Give yourself a new vision of our beautiful planet with this earth globe Vision Midnight Blue proposed by Loft Attitude. The continents are represented in silver grey and oceans in ocean blue, thus offering a modern and design touch to this mappemonde. It is based on an aluminium base, adding a refined and contemporary note to your interior.

This mappemonde is the ideal and educational decoration for home and office. It is proposed by Loft Attitude, your shop'design objects online. Order it now and bring a luxurious touch to your interior decoration.

  • -15%

Bookshade metal book rest wall light

(2 reviews)
  In stock: delivery within 48 hours
In stock : 1

Bookshade Metal Bookshade Wall Applicable by Present Time - LM808 Loftattitude.com

Discover the wall wall-mounted book Bookshade Leitmotiv, a unique creation of the brand Present Time. Made of anodized metal, this functional and elegant application is powered by an orange electric cord.

In addition to its lighting function, it offers a surprising feature: you can put your book open (downside) to use it as brand-page. Enjoy this stylish and decorative bedside lamp, specially designed for your loft room.

  • -40%

“Woman-Male” stainless steel door panel INDICI ZACK

(1 review)
  In stock: delivery within 48 hours
In stock : 7


The pictogram "man-woman", creation of the brand Zack will allow you to define very elegant your living and working spaces.

With Zack the reported becomes decor and design but also playful thanks to its adhesive very powerful allowing their fixation on any smooth support.

One door panel, offered by your bathroom accessories shop Loft Attitude.


  • -30%

Baby-Foot noir design World Cup

(1 review)
  Deliveries within 15 days
In stock : 1

Baby-Foot black design Kare Design World Cup reference 75178

Give style to your interior with our World Cup table football

Set your friends on your own stadium with this baby-foot modern look and brand design Kare Design, reference 75178. Install it in your living room, terrace or in your games room to add a fun touch to your interior.

As precise as the famous Bonzini our table football design makes you want green grass. With 22 players, your evenings with friends will no longer be the same and the passion of the game will invade you.

A quality choice for unforgettable game moments

With its attention to detail, the Baby-Foot design World Cup of the brand KARE DESIGN reference 75178 is a must-have for all football fans. Don't miss the opportunity to own this quality black football and live unforgettable game moments with your loved ones!

If you are looking for a modern and design football for your home, opt for our World Cup model available on Loftattitude.com.

  • -20%

SLICE designer waste paper basket Blomus

€74.17 €51.92
  In stock: delivery within 48 hours
In stock : 1

SLICE design paper basket Blomus - Clean lines in brushed stainless steel

La Corbeille design paper SLICE Blomus is a versatile product that can also be used umbrella door. With its clean lines in brushed stainless steel, it has become a must of the brand Blomus. Thanks to his elegant and minimalist, it fits perfectly in all types of interiors. The reference 65155 de Blomus offers you a product high-end which will perfectly fulfill its role in both cases.

Characteristics of the SLICE design paper basket Blomus :

  • Lines cleaned brushed stainless steel
  • Polyvalent: can be used as paper or paper basket umbrella door
  • Elegant design and minimalist
  • Output high-end of the mark Blomus (reference 65155)
  • -30%

Shadow bookends x 2 chrome zinc

(8 reviews)
  In stock: delivery within 48 hours
In stock : 2

Serres-books Shadow x 2 chrome zinc of the brand Balvi (reference 23025) on Loftattitude.com

Bring imagination to your shelves with these beautiful book greenhouses Shadow zinc. Trends and practices, they will hold your books well organized and organized and will also give a design aspect to your libraries.

A home accessory, signed Balvi and offered by your design object shop.

  • -30%

DUO brushed stainless steel wall design rinse cup

(1 review)
  In stock: delivery within 48 hours
In stock : 3

DUO brushed stainless steel design rinsing cup from the brand Blomus

Opt for this design rinsing cup in brushed stainless steel for your bathroom. Thanks to his wall support, it will be fixed to the wall to free space on your sink and offer practical and effective use for the morning and evening brushing. This DUO brushed stainless steel wall rinsing cup from the brand Blomus, reference 68512, is made with materials superior quality for one exceptional durability. Order now on Loftattitude.com and enjoy one fast delivery.

  • -30%

FRISCO gray designer laundry basket

€78.75 €55.13
  In stock: delivery within 48 hours
In stock : 1

FRISCO brand Grey Design Linen Cushion Blomus reference 65387 for a futuristic style in your bathroom or laundry room

Install this corbeille in your clothes bathroom or in your laundry and contemplate its design on a daily basis bold and futuristic

With its opening on top and its handle on the back, it will never have been so simple to deposit your linge dirty and move it as you like. His color grey brings a certain modernity and its materials quality provide a robustness to the test of daily.

  • -30%

Menoto brushed stainless steel adhesive wall hook Blomus

(3 reviews)
  In stock: delivery within 48 hours
In stock : 6

Adhesive wall hook Menoto brushed stainless steel Blomus - Reference 68839

Discover wall hook adhesive Menoto in brushed stainless steel Blomus, reference 68839, available on Loftattitude.com. Design and practical, this hook to attach to the wall will be perfect in a kitchen or bathroom.

A discreet and functional towel holder

This is towel holder Menoto en brushed stainless steel is ideal to hang hand wipers or towels. With a load limit of 0.5 kg, it is easy to install thanks to its powerful adhesive.

Order now adhesive wall hook Menoto brushed stainless steel Blomus - Reference 68839 on Loftattitude.com and add a touch of modernity to your interior decoration.

  • -30%

MENOTO brushed stainless steel valet Blomus

(1 review)
  In stock: delivery within 48 hours
In stock : 2

A brushed stainless steel night jacket MENOTO Blomus of the mark Blomus for uneven elegance

Night valet Menoto, creation of the brand Blomus, is the perfect accessory to accommodate your clothes with elegance. Aesthetic and functional, it will easily find its place in your room or bathroom. That valet brushed stainless steel mat very good finish is offered by your bathroom accessories shop Loft Attitude.

  • -30%

Terrestrial globe gray/silver design chrome base

(1 review)
  In stock: delivery within 48 hours
In stock : 2

Globe terrestrial design grey/silver on chromed base - Atmosphere Anglo Slate - Loftattitude.com

Discover Anglo Slate, a magnificent earth globe with ultra modern design, elegantly resting on a stable chrome base. This silver and gray earthly globe will bring a decorative touch at your home or sublimate your office with its sophisticated look.

Anglo Slate is a timeless must for decoration, created by the famous designers Claus Jensen & Henrik Holbaek, and bearing the signature of the brand Atmosphere. Offer yourself this unique terrestrial globe to add a style note to your space.

  • -15%

Varta LR6 AA alkaline batteries "4+1Free"

(4 reviews)
  In stock: delivery within 48 hours
In stock : 39

4 LR6 AA batteries 1.5V VARTA High Energy

1 FREE battery

Sub blister

Type Alcaline

Voltage: 1.5V

    Red VIP rope for chrome post

    €27.50 €19.25
      In stock: delivery within 48 hours
    In stock : 4

    Red VIP cable for chromed pole KARE DESIGN reference 32750 - LOft Attitude

    Add a touch of glamour and distinction to your event

    The red color of the rope adds a touch of glamour and distinction at your event. Whether you're organizing a business event, a wedding or a private party VIP rope red for chromed pole of the mark KARE DESIGN reference 32750 is the perfect choice to impress your guests.

    Order now for an unforgettable VIP experience

    Don't let the opportunity to add one sophisticated touch to your event space. Order now the Red VIP Cord for chromed pole of the brand KARE DESIGN reference 32750 and offer your guests a unforgettable VIP experience.

    Here's the red rope for guidance posts or security of our vIP stand !

    Sold for unity!

    • -30%

    TV industrial FACTORY

    (5 reviews)
      In stock: delivery within 48/72 hours
    In stock : 1

    FACTORY Industrial TV cabinet with wheels - KARE DESIGN Reference 74525 Loft Attitude

    Vintage Cosmopolite Design for a Mobile and Elegant Salon

    Discover TV Industrial FACTORY de KARE DESIGN (reference 74525), a masterpiece for your living room, available on Loft Attitude. This furniture is not only a decorative element with its industrial style and its cosmopolitan vintage touch; it is also a feature concentrate. Made of anthracite grey metal skating and glass, it offers a robust support for your LED flat screen. Its unique feature? Four feet mounted on feet discreet wheels, making this TV furniture easily removable to redesign your space according to your desires.

    Enhanced functionality by mobility

    The TV Industrial FACTORY goes beyond the simple storage. Its spacious shelves welcome all your electronic devices and multimedia accessories, while the roulette allows you to easily move the furniture, either for cleaning, reorganization of your living room, or simply to adjust the angle of vision of your tv. Combining contemporary design and practicality, this furniture will transform your living room into a warm, elegant and modular place.

    Order for Fast and Flexible Delivery

    Make your living room a dynamic living space with the TV Industrial FACTORY de KARE DESIGN. Order today on Loft Attitude and get a quick delivery. Enjoy the flexibility and elegance that this piece of furniture brings to your home, with the guarantee of unmatched style and lasting quality.

    • -20%

    NATURE tree branch table lamp

    €449.17 €359.33
      In stock: delivery within 48 hours
    In stock : 1

    Powder lamp tree branch NATURE KARE DESIGN 31764 - Loft Attitude

    Discover the lamp to pose tree branch NATURE of the mark KARE DESIGN, reference 31764, a unique piece that will bring a touch of nature to your interior. Made of natural wood from Indonesia, each lamp is unique with a stacked wooden foot that creates an original style. The lampshade in 100% cotton black diffuses a soft and warm light for a cosy atmosphere in all the rooms of your house.

    Lamp inspired by nature

    With his design inspired by nature, this lamp is a true masterpiece that evokes the sensations of calm and tranquility of the forest. It is ideal for lovers of natural and authentic interior decoration.

    Order the NATURE tree branch lamp now

    Give yourself a unique experience of interior decoration by ordering from now on the NATURE tree lamp from the KARE DESIGN brand. Add a touch of nature to your interior with this original and trendy lamp.

    • -20%

    Red English telephone booth cabinet

    (3 reviews)
      In stock: delivery within 48/72 hours
    In stock : 1

    KARE DESIGN red English telephone cabinet reference 76383 - Loft Attitude

    THE'english telephone cabinet red of the mark KARE DESIGN reference 76383 is a unique style furniture that will add a touch of originality to your interior decoration. Made from superior quality materials, this wardrobe is both robust and elegant.

    Characteristics of the red English telephone cabinet of the brand KARE DESIGN reference 76383 :

    • Dimensions: H140 x L53 x P50.7 cm
    • Spacious and functional storage space
    • Bright red colour
    • Emblematic form of English telephone booth

    This wardrobe will attract all eyes with its bright red colour and its emblematic form of English telephone booth. Son original design is perfect to add a touch of personality to your living space.

    The KARE DESIGN brand is recognized for its creativity and know-how, and this wardrobe is no exception. With its reference 76383, you can be sure of the quality and durability of this piece.

    Order the red English telephone cabinet from the brand KARE DESIGN reference 76383 to add a touch of originality to your interior. Enjoy a fast delivery and a quality customer service.

    • -20%

    Suspension design aluminium gris SOMPEX

    €125.00 €87.50
      In stock: delivery within 48 hours
    In stock : 1

    Grey aluminium design suspension - SOMPEX reference 92005

    Add one modern touch and tendency to your interior with this suspension aluminium gray of the brand SOMPEX. Perfect for your kitchen or dining room, this design chandelier will bring a cosy atmosphere your living space. Order now on Loftattitude.com and enjoy contemporary lighting and a contemporary style for your loft.

    • -30%

    Brushed stainless steel women's door panel Blomus

    €11.67 €8.17
      In stock: delivery within 48 hours
    In stock : 2

    Embroidered stainless steel door panel Blomus - elegance and design for your signage

    Indicate the right direction to follow with style adhesive door panel Blomus proposed by Loft Attitude. Made in brushed stainless steel, this door panel is both resistant and elegant, adding a touch of decoration and design to your signage. With reference 68210 of the mark Blomus, you are assured of a quality product, both practical and aesthetic.

    Do not wait to improve orientation in your professional or personal space. Order now your brushed stainless steel door panel Blomus on Loftattitude.com.

    • -30%

    DUO polished stainless steel wall-mounted tooth cup

    (2 reviews)
      In stock: delivery within 48 hours
    In stock : 2

    DUO wall tooth cup in polished stainless steel - Blomus reference 68583

    Bring a design touch to your bathroom with this dUO wall tooth cup in polished stainless steel of the mark Blomus, available on Loftattitude.com. Thanks to its wall mount, it allows you to free room on your sink or work plan.

    This polished stainless steel tooth cup combines the elegance of glass and stainless steel to bring a touch of modernity and refinement to your bathroom. With his reference 68583, it is proposed by your online store of favorite design objects, Loft Attitude.

    • -30%

    DUO brushed stainless steel bathroom shelf Blomus

    €70.83 €49.58
      In stock: delivery within 48 hours
    In stock : 5

    DUO bathroom table Blomus

    Looking for a shelf bathroom simple, clean and very good quality to put your beauty products, toothbrush, etc? The bathroom shelf DUO in brushed stainless steel Blomus reference 68528 is the ideal solution. Proposed by Loft Attitude, your boutique of accessories and design decoration, this practical shelf will bring a touch of design to your bathroom.

    With his elegant and its finish brushed stainless steel quality, this shelf Blomus is the perfect accessory for your modern bathroom. Its installation is easy and fast, and it can be placed above your lavabo for easy access to your beauty and personal care products.

    By choosing the bath table DUO brushed stainless steel Blomus, you opt for the quality and timeless design of the mark Blomus. Order now on the site Loft Attitude to bring a touch of elegance to your bathroom!

    • -30%
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