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Tealight holder

Category Photophore LOFT ATTITUDE - Light decoration accessories

Discover our selection of quality photophors to illuminate your interior with style. At LOFT ATTITUDE, we work with the best suppliers in the market, including BLOMUS, KARE DESIGN, SOCADIS and SOMPEX, to offer you a varied range of photophores.

Photophores for all tastes

We know that each person has a different style of decoration, which is why we have selected photophors of different shapes, colors, sizes and materials to meet all tastes. The BLOMUS photophors are known for their elegant and minimalist design, which fits perfectly into modern interiors. KARE DESIGN photophors are often more eccentric and colorful, adding a touch of personality to your piece. Photophores SOCADIS are often made from natural materials such as wood or stone, which gives them a rustic and warm look. Photophores SOMPEX often have a more contemporary design, with original shapes and innovative materials such as blown glass.

Quality photophors

All our photophors are carefully selected for their quality, durability and aesthetics. Whether you're looking to add a soft glow to your living room, bedroom or bathroom, you'll certainly find the perfect photophor in our collection. We are convinced that our partners suppliers BLOMUS, KARE DESIGN, SOCADIS and SOMPEX offer exceptional items to meet all your expectations in light decoration.

TAURA transparent hanging or standing tealight holder SOMPEX

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Photophore in the shape of a transparent glass drip with black hat for suspension or pose - SOMPEX

Create a Zen and modern atmosphere with the TAURA photophor SOMPEX

The rounded curves and double material tAURA photophor SOMPEX give her a current design and make it an element indispensable for your interior. That you suspend or posing, it will add a touch treated to your decoration and create an atmosphere cosy. Choose the TAURA photophor for soft and warm lighting in your home.

This photophore is available in three sizes: 23.5 x 12 cm, 30 x 15 cm or 35 x 17.5 find yours!

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Wall candle holder to fix glass and matt steel FINCA

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FINCA glass and matt steel wall bracket Blomus reference 65423 on Loftattitude.com

A walled glass and matt steel candle holder for a zen and modern atmosphere

Bring one touch of modernity and serenity in your interior with the FINCA wall candle holder of the brand Blomus. Its current design, with its rounded curves and its double transparent glass and matt steel material, makes it an indispensable product for your decoration.

A neat decoration and a cozy atmosphere with this mural candle

This is wall mounted integrates perfectly into your corridor, entrance or living room, for a warm and pleasant atmosphere. Once fixed, it will bring a touch of neat decoration and a cosy atmosphere.

Opt for this wall candle FINCA of the mark Blomus for a zen and modern decoration, on Loftattitude.com.

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Glass tealight holder with PIEDRA candle

€49.96 €34.97
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In stock : 2

Glass photophor with PIEDRA candle Blomus reference 65094 for a modern and zen interior decoration

Create the'faux atmosphere that you wish in your living room or dining room thanks to this photophor composed of a depolite glass hat and a gray base. The candle inside adds a warm touch and soothing to your interior decoration.

A modern and refined design for a Zen atmosphere

The elegant curves of this glass photophor, combined with its double material and originality, make this product a complementary interior decoration element for your home. Its current design adapts perfectly to modern and contemporary interiors.

Order now photophore PIEDRA of the mark Blomus on the site Loftattitude.com to add a touch of modernity and serenity to your interior decoration.

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UNO glass and steel tealight holder 88 cm

€207.50 €166.00
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Photophore glass and steel UNO 88 cm from the brand Kare Design reference 60476 - Loftattitude.com

Discover glass and steel photophor UNO of the mark Kare Design on Loftattitude.com. This is photophore is composed of a frame in aged steel and four cylindrical parts glass, thus creating an atmosphere zen and industrial in your interior.

The current design of this photophore is complementary for your interior decoration thanks to his gross requirements and his originality. Install it in your living room or your dining room to create a warm atmosphere.

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Set of 4 black gold GARDEN lanterns

€249.17 €199.33
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In stock : 1

Set of 4 lanterns black gold GIARDINO of the brand Kare Design reference 53311 - Loft Attitude

Description of GIARDINO external lanterns

Opt for the set of 4 external lanterns GIARDINO of the mark Kare Design, reference 53311, available on our website Loftattitude.com. These lanterns clear glass and stainless steel lacquered black with steel handles gold are ideal for creating a zen atmosphere during your summer evenings.

Characteristics of the set of 4 GIARDINO lanterns

Their practical aspect allows you to move them easily and to have them where you wish in your garden for an elegant exterior decoration. Order now on our site and enjoy the fast delivery.

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