• Atmosphere


    Atmosphere : a collection of earthly globes design and contemporary

    Atmosphere is the creator of mappemondes that develops a collection of terrestrial design and contemporary globes. A terrestrial globe should be present in all homes for decoration, but also for education.

    Understanding the diversity of our world through earthly globes

    Because it is the only true representation of our world, the earth's globe is the only way to understand the distance between continents, the diversity of countries and the vastness of the ocean. Earth globes Atmosphere are therefore an invaluable source of information for children and adults.

    A collection of trendy and contemporary mappemonde

    Take a look at the collection of trendy and contemporary mappemonde proposed by Atmosphere. Each terrestrial globe is created to offer ultimate visual experience, with individually designed maps and globes made to perfection.

    Offer yourself a terrestrial globe Atmosphere to discover our world in a playful and educational way. The collection is available on our website

  • Baci Milano
  • Balvi


    Summary of the mark Balvi : Original Objects for a Magic Interior

    Balvi is a spanish brand created in 1963, specialized in the creation of original and surprising everyday objects. Their goal is to get out of routine by bringing magic and smiles in your interior. Products Balvi are distinguished by their uniqueness and ability to mislead each piece.

    The company is distinguished by its boldness and originality rather than by its conventional design. more than ten years, Balvi is a trusted supplier for Loft Attitude, demonstrating the quality and confidence it inspires.

    Explore the collection Balvi and let yourself be seduced by this brand that transforms the daily life into an extraordinary experience.

  • Blomus


    Blomus is a german design brand specializing in accessories for the house. Their products combine functionality and aesthetics to create modern and elegant pieces. Discover on our website their range of products for the bathroom, kitchen, interior decoration and more. Order now to add a touch of style to your home!

    A pure design for the present moment.

  • By-Rod


    By-Rod : Animals and Resin Objects for Interior and Outdoor Decoration

    By-Rod is a brand specializing in animals and resin objects for interior and exterior decoration. Their collection offers a variety of resin animal sculptures, from classics to exotic creatures. Their durable resin products add charm and originality to your space.



    Camino a Casa is a premium furniture and home decor brand offering stylish and contemporary products for every lifestyle. With careful attention to detail and superior quality, Camino a Casa creates unique pieces to give your home a warm and comfortable ambiance. Discover our collection of furniture, accessories and textiles to transform your living space into a place of relaxation and conviviality. Visit our website to discover the full range of our products and add a touch of style to your home today.



    DENZZO is a brand of spanish furniture offering modern and functional designs for contemporary houses. Their products are made with durable and high quality materials to guarantee a long life. DENZZO offers a wide variety of furniture for all rooms of the house, including sofas, chairs, tables, beds and accessories. Their minimalist and elegant aesthetics will suit all interior styles. Discover the range DENZZO to transform your home into an elegant and comfortable space.



    DRIMMER is our French supplier of trusted furniture offering a wide selection of quality furniture for home and office. With years of experience in the furniture industry, DRIMMER undertakes to provide high quality products at competitive prices. Whether you're looking for furniture for your home or office, DRIMMER has everything you need to create a comfortable and functional space. Discover our online catalogue to find the perfect furniture for your project. Contact us now to learn more about our products and services.

  • FRED


    FRED delights in taking everyday, functional products and transforming them into something playful and unexpected.



    HOME EDELWEISS is a brand interior decoration of superior quality that offers exclusive products for every room in the house. For more than 20 years, the brand has been committed to creating new brands modern designs, elegant and timeless which add a touch of originality to each interior. From cushions to plaids, to carpets and decoration accessories, each product HOME EDELWEISS is designed with special attention to detail and quality. The products are made from top quality materials to ensure exceptional durability and wear resistance. Discover the collection now HOME EDELWEISS and give your home a unique and perfect touch of style.

  • Ice Bag

    Ice Bag

    Ice bag creator of folding champagne or ice buckets in transparent plastic



    INVOTIS is a brand exclusively for the home with products with unique designs.

  • IXIA


    IXIA is a brand furniture spanish offers a wide range of design and high quality products for home and office. Their unique creations are designed to adapt to all lifestyles and budgets. Home IXIA, each piece is made with care and attention to detail, using durable and environmentally friendly materials. From chair at couch passing through coffee table, IXIA has everything you need to transform your living or working space into a functional and elegant place. Discover their online collection now and enjoy fast delivery and guaranteed satisfaction.

  • j-me


    j-me consists and manufactures playful and useful original products for the home.

    Creating solutions that offer you a daily smile

  • Kare design

    Kare design

    Kare Design is a brand of creative and innovative interior furniture and decoration. With a wide selection of unique and original products, Kare Design is for people looking for a distinctive and trendy lifestyle. From the bedroom to the living room, to the dining room and the office, Kare Design collections bring a touch of color and fantasy to all living spaces.

    Discover the full range of Kare Design decoration furniture and accessories now!

    Contact us for any missing reference Kare Design

    04 94 79 82 12

  • Karlsson


    Karlsson is a renowned brand of dutch clocks and is sold all over the world.

    Karlsson is a high quality watchmaking brand offering a wide range of models for all styles. Made with quality materials, our clocks ensure a long life for our products. We attach great importance to the quality of our finishes and the functionality of our clocks to offer an optimal user experience. With recognized expertise in clock design, Karlsson offers unique and original collections that reflect the latest trends in interior decoration. With Karlsson, you are sure to find the clock that suits you.

  • Leonardo


    Leonardo : L'Éclat de la Joie de Vivre Italienne chez Loft Attitude

    From 1859, the family business Glaskoch stands out as one of the leading glass suppliers in Europe. Under the direction of the fifth generation, she has played since 1972 the vivacity of Italy with the mark LEONARDO, synonymous with superior quality.

    The new collection of luminaires, expanding modern lighting planning, introduces wireless luminaires with strong design for the habitat. The latter stand out by their simple use versatile functions, and the combination of smart technology and'subtle emotions creating a pleasant atmosphere daily.

    Home Loft Attitude, we are proud to present these unique creations, merging the italian design, one unmatched quality, and one technology to simplify your daily life.

  • Loft Attitude

    Loft Attitude

    Loft Attitude is an online sales website specialized in interior decoration. The brand offers a wide range of exclusive and trendy products for all interior styles, from industrial decoration to contemporary design. You will find on the site Loft Attitude a unique selection of furniture, luminaires, decoration accessories, carpets and much more, all carefully chosen for their unique quality and style. The products are made by renowned brands and craftsmen of superior quality to guarantee exceptional quality. Home Loft Attitude, we are convinced that the decoration can transform a space and we are passionate about creating designs that inspire and transform the interiors.

  • NeXtime


    Globes Terrestrials NOVA Rico: Elegance, Education and Innovation

    Since 1955, NOVA Rico has been a leading Italian brand in the field of terrestrial globes. Combining aesthetics and learning, their globes are the result of a quality industrial production, highlighting exceptional materials and innovative know-how.

    The NOVA Rico range offers a variety of styles and cartography, whether it is antique colors or pastel shades soothing from the oceans. With models offered preciously crafted wooden feet for rustic decoration, as well as chromed steel feet and meridians for a touch of modernity, NOVA Rico meets all tastes.

    Explore the superb collection of terrestrial globes NOVA Rico and find the one that adds a touch of elegance and education to your home.

  • OGON Designs
  • PIFFANY Copenhagen
  • Present time

    Present time

    PRESENT TIME is an interior decoration brand that offers a wide range of top quality products for the home. For more than 30 years, the brand has been committed to creating modern, trendy and timeless designs that bring a touch of originality to all interiors. From the kitchen to the living room to the bedroom, PRESENT TIME offers a variety of products such as clocks, candles, cushions, coat racks and much more. With special attention to detail and quality, each product PRESENT TIME is designed to last. Discover the collection now PRESENT TIME and create a unique style touch at your home.

  • Propaganda


    Northern creativity in your interior.



    Socadis is a brand of high quality design furniture that offers a wide range of furniture for all styles of decoration. Our products are made with high quality materials to guarantee a long life to our furniture. We attach great importance to the quality of our finishes and the functionality of our furniture to offer an optimal user experience. Our collection unique furniture and original reflects the latest trends in interior decoration. We have designated an exceptional customer service to help you choose the furniture that best suits your home and a quick and reliable delivery to allow you to quickly enjoy your new furniture.



    SOMPEX is a german brand of high quality interior and exterior luminaires. Founded in 1948, SOMPEX is recognized for its artisanal know-how and passion for innovation. The brand offers a wide range of products combining contemporary design and functionality, made with high-quality materials such as stainless steel and Swarovski crystals. SOMPEX is present in more than 50 countries around the world, with exclusive showrooms and sales partners. With its innovative design and superior quality, SOMPEX is a reference for high-end interior and exterior luminaires.

  • Umbra


    Discover UMBRA, the interior design brand that creates modern and functional products for the home. Whether you're looking for stylish bathroom accessories, practical shelves or clever storage solutions, UMBRA has what you need. With award-winning products and great attention to detail, UMBRA is the brand to follow for those looking to add a touch of style to their home. Grab our selection of UMBRA products now and find inspiration to transform your living space.

  • Versa


    Versa-Home is a brand of contemporary furniture that offers innovative and functional designs for the house. With various collections of consoles, chairs, tables and accessories, Versa-Home offers a wide choice of styles to meet all tastes. The brand is committed to providing high-quality products at affordable prices, while offering excellent customer service. Discover the full range of products Versa-Home on our website and transform your home into an elegant and comfortable living space.

  • Villeroy & Boch

    Villeroy & Boch

    Villeroy & Boch is a world-renowned lighting brand, offering a wide range of high quality products for indoor and outdoor lighting. Their innovative luminaires are designed to create a warm and elegant atmosphere in any space. With contemporary and timeless designs, luminaires Villeroy & Boch add a touch of sophistication to any room. Discover their collection today to find the perfect luminaire for your home or business.

  • Zack


    ZACK is a german interior design brand that offers modern and elegant home accessories. With a wide range of products ranging from kitchen utensils to bathroom accessories, to decorative items, ZACK FOLLOW YOUR STYLE offers a wide choice of styles to meet all tastes. Each product is made with high quality materials and a retail concern, to offer timeless design and optimal functionality. Discover the complete range of stainless steel products ZACK and bring a sophisticated touch to your home.

  • Zone