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Find Stylish Jewellery Storage for Optimal Organization Loft Attitude

Discover our collection of practical and elegant jewelry storages for an optimal organization of your jewelry collection. Home Loft Attitude, we have proposed a variety of jewelry storage solutions, ranging from jewelry boxes and displays to ring doors or self-contained jewelry cabinets.

High quality jewelry storages for all styles

Our jewelry ranges are designed to fit all interior styles and are made from high quality materials such as wood, leather and chrome metal. Whether you're looking to store your necklaces, rings, earrings or bracelets,

Buy online at home Loft Attitude

Take a look at our website to discover our collection of jewelry storages and enjoy our fast delivery and excellent customer service. With Loft Attitude, keep your organized and hand-held jewellery while adding a touch of sophistication to your interior decoration.

Dressing table with white armchair and storage

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Hairdresser with white armchair and Kare Design brand storage reference 75168

The hairdresser Diva croco white is the perfect choice to add a touch of glamour to your room while offering a large storage capacity for your makeups, hairdressing accessories and jewellery. It is provided with a comfortable stool, a table equipped with a foldable mirror and two practical dressers on wheels, each with three drawers. This high-end hairdresser is offered by your furniture shop Loft Attitude, for one trend and elegant.

An elegant and functional hairdresser

With the white Diva croco hairdresser, you can enjoy a spacious working surface to make yourself look comfortable. Thanks to its foldable mirror, you can easily adjust the angle of vision to get the best possible lighting. The two dressers on roulette offer a large storage space for your beauty products, jewellery and other accessories. The stool comfortable allows you to sit comfortably to prepare yourself in peace.

A high-end hairdresser for your room

The hairdresser Diva croco white is made from high quality materials, making it a lasting choice for your room. With its elegant design and fine finishes, it will add a touch of glamour to your interior. Order now on Loft Attitude and enjoy fast delivery for one high-end hairdresser which will offer you an elegant and functional storage space.

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BIG BEN chrome ring holder

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Bring a touch of London in your interior thanks to this door rings big Ben. Very good practice, this support chrome will keep your rings with elegance when you remove them to wash them hands, this prevents you from losing them.

This is it accessory is a creation of the brand Umbra.

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Ring holder Tower of Pisa chrome

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Bring a touch of originality in your interior thanks to this ring-shaped door Tower of Pisa. Very good practice, this ring holder chrome will keep your rings with elegance when you remove them to wash them hands, this prevents you from losing them.

This is it accessory is a creation of the brand Umbra.

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Whale black designer jewelry holder

€18.25 €12.78
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Find JMEWHNECK-BLK black design jewelry holder Loftattitude.com

Discover black design jewelry holder Baleine of the mark J-ME reference JMEWHNECK-BLK on Loftattitude.com. This beautiful jewelry holder is both original and practical, offering a wide storage space for all your favorite jewelry.

With her elegant fins, you can easily suspend your necklaces and bracelets, while its practical base allows you to securely store your rings and earrings. Add a modern touch to your bathroom by installing this jewelry holder and enjoy its exceptional design daily.

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Loft wooden jewelry box with concrete look

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Loft jewelry box wood concrete aspect of the brand Balvi |misumi Loftattitude.com

Jewelry box with 4 storage drawers and different compartments

The jewelry box Loft wood concrete aspect of the mark Balvi reference 26405 is perfect to store your jewelry and accessories in an organized way. This box is made of wood quality and management concrete effect gray wax, giving it a unique industrial look.

Open the drawers of this beautiful box and discover specific compartments designed to accommodate your rings, necklaces, earrings and other valuable items. Thanks to its double materials, combining wood and gray concrete effect, this jewelry box combines style and functionality.

Don't let your jewels shake or lose. Opt for this jewelry box Loft wood concrete aspect of the mark Balvi, reference 26405, available on the site Loftattitude.com. Order now and keep your jewelry safe and well organized.

    Whale white designer jewelry holder

    €18.25 €12.78
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    In stock : 2

    Find White Design Jewelry Holder J-ME JMEWHNECK-WHT Loftattitude.com

    Discover white design jewelry holder Baleine of the mark J-ME, reference JMEWHNECK-WHT, on Loftattitude.com. Modern and practical, this jewelry holder offers an elegant solution to organize your jewelry on a daily basis. Its fins will welcome your necklaces and bracelets, while its base will allow you to put your rings and earrings. Ideal for your bathroom, this design jewelry holder will bring a touch of style to your space.

    With its wide storage space, this superb jewelry holder will delight the ladies in search of originality. Enjoy its unique design to highlight your favorite jewelry. Order now on Loftattitude.com and give a modern look to your daily routine.

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