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Bulb and battery

Varta LR6 AA alkaline batteries "4+1Free"

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4 LR6 AA batteries 1.5V VARTA High Energy

1 FREE battery

Sub blister

Type Alcaline

Voltage: 1.5V

    Decorative LED bulb LONG FILAMENT tube 18.5cm

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    Light bulb E27 SOMPEX with Golden Glass and Spiral Form LED Filament

    The bulb E27 of the prestigious brand SOMPEX is much more than just a light source. It embodies the perfect combination between style and functionality, creating a warm and sophisticated atmosphere in your space. Its contemporary and elegant design brings a touch of luxury unmatched to any room.

    The golden glass that wraps this bulb gives a soft and subtle glow, establishing a soothing and welcoming atmosphere. The filament LED spiral shaped inside the bulb adds an artistic dimension to your lighting, transforming this light bulb into a real work of light art.

    With a power of 4 watts and brightness 250 lumens, this light bulb offers soft and pleasant lighting, perfect to create a relaxing atmosphere in your living room, bedroom or dining room. Moreover, its low energy consumption makes it an option ecological, allowing you to reduce your carbon footprint while enjoying quality lighting.

    With a height of 18.5 centimeters and a diameter of only 3.2 centimetres, this bulb is compatible with most lamps and lampshades E27, which makes it extremely versatile. Whether you want to use it as a masterpiece in a suspended luminaire or as an extra light source in a table lamp, this light bulb will fit perfectly to your interior decoration.

    In summary, the E27 bulb SOMPEX with golden glass and spiral-shaped LED filament is an exceptional lighting piece that combines beauty, energy efficiency and versatility. Make your interior shine with this elegant bulb and create a bright atmosphere that will not fail to impress.

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