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Set of 6 Sardines cocktail and tapas picks

(23 reviews)
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Find Cocktails and tapas Sardines Set of 6 Balvi |misumi Loftattitude.com

Discover this set of 6 cocktail pics and tapas Sardines of the mark Balvi reference 25187 on Loftattitude.com. The sardines box with olive oil, with classic design, contains these essential accessories to savour your olives and your mouths.

Offer an original and appreciated gift with these sardine cocktail peaks, packed in an original box. They are perfect to add a touch of conviviality to your evenings and aperitives.

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COLPI ZACK stainless steel cocktail muddler

(2 reviews)
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In stock : 1


The pilon Colpi in stainless steel Zack will crush your mint and green lemon leaves to give your cocktails a unique taste.

Broyer ice cubes, break dry fruit, or crush tender fruit: this very utensils practice will easily find its place in your kitchen.

An ideal gift for all fans of Mojito well prepared, offered by your shop Loft Attitude.

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Acrylic Clear Ice Crusher

€20.83 €14.58
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In stock : 3

Acrylic transparent ice mill Balvi |misumi Loft Attitude

Opt for efficiency with the acrylic transparent ice grinder Balvi reference 19334 proposed by Loft Attitude, your trusted decoration shop. This is ice grinder is a real champion of ice cream, allowing you to easily transform your ice into small pieces thanks to its practical handle. Signed Balvi, this kitchen accessory is a must for lovers of refreshing drinks. Offer it or offer it acrylic transparent ice grinder for even more tasty iced moments.

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HEART pink colored ice cube mold

€7.50 €4.50
  In stock: delivery within 48 hours
In stock : 2

Pink-colored glazing mould in COEUR form - Reference 28-K2-063 on Loftattitude.com

Here's one ice mould in the form of heart, it is color pink and is in silicone.

To all romatics, this ice cubes will make you happy and in love. Teach your guests by serving your guests coktails and yours drinks favorite and add a few glazes in heart shape to tell them everything love you're wearing them.

  • -40%

Manual sausage slicer

(1 review)
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In stock : 2

Manual sausage trap Loft Attitude reference 36-1K-002 on Loftattitude.com

Prepare the aperitif between friends as a pro with the manual sausage slicer Loft Attitude reference 36-1K-002. Discover this practical tool that allows you to cut sausage washers as thin as possible in a blink of an eye.

The wooden sausage guillotine is the perfect accessory to make your apes even more festive. Offer this manual sausage slicer from the brand Loft Attitude and impress your guests in your next aperitive evenings!

This manual sausage slicer is also an ideal gift for the cremaillery hangings. Visit Loftattitude.com now to find out more.

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Appetizer tray photo frame

€24.17 €16.92
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In stock : 1

Aperitif tray frame photo Balvi Find 26464 Loftattitude.com

Opt for the charm aperitif tray photo frame Balvi reference 26464 for your friendly evenings. Has a framework natural wood and an interior white bevelled, this square tray combines aesthetics and practicality.

Customize it according to your desires by inserting four photos of format 11 x 11 cm. In addition to being a functional aperitif tray, it turns into a elegant photo frame when you do not use it. Do not store your tray, proudly display it vertically on your buffet for a original decoration.

Discover now the aperitif tray frame photo Balvi 26464 on Loftattitude.com and add a touch of creativity at your friendly times.

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Matte stainless steel tray 15 x 25 cm Basic Blomus

€21.63 €15.14
  In stock: delivery within 48 hours
In stock : 2

Mat stainless steel tray 15 x 25 cm Basic Blomus of the mark Blomus reference 63612 for Loftattitude.com

Accredit your kitchen useful accessories daily, this tray will serve you in many ways as bringing the coffee to your guests, carry the necessary for a good cup of tea after a tough day or use it as a tray dessert or cheese. Or for the lucky ones, bring the little one lunch in bed.

Sound design sword and its robust material that is steel stainless steel make this product a safe value that in addition to reading the side aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic your kitchen accessories, will be a tool indispensable in your everyday life.

Also available in other sizes

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Assortment of 4 designer champagne flutes

€24.92 €14.95
  In stock: delivery within 48 hours
In stock : 6

Set of 4 Design champagne flutes Loft Attitude (reference 37-2K-002) Loftattitude.com

Choose for elegance and originality with this set of 4 champagne flutes in different forms. Ideal to receive your guests, these chic cuts of the mark Loft Attitude are designed to add a unique touch to your special events.

Serve champagne with style and make sure to please your family and friends by offering this set of 4 flutes. Whether to celebrate the most important moments of your life or to offer a refined gift, these flutes champagne design will create elegant atmosphere and memorable.

  • -40%

Tableware box "Sweet & Cookies"

€23.33 €11.67
  In stock: delivery within 48 hours
In stock : 3

Dish box "Sweet & Cookies Baci Milano - FIND - CBK.SWE01 Loft Attitude

Bring pepper to your desserts in love with this Book Box Sweet & Cookies! The set contains 1 nicely decorated dish, 2 spoons and 2 small bowls. Practical and elegant, the set "Sweet and Cookies" will make your desserts even more appetizing!

An ideal gift idea, offered by your designer object shop, Loft Attitude! Discover this Dish Box on Loftattitude.com and add a touch of elegance to your gourmet moments.

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