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Find Modern Design Chairs for your Loft Attitudes interior decoration

Loft Attitudes, in collaboration with suppliers Kare Design, Ixia, Denzzo, Drimmer, Home Edelweis, Camino a casa, Socadis and Present Time, presents its selection of design chairs and trends to enhance your interior decoration.

Our collection includes chairs with contemporary or Scandinavian design, metal, wood, leather, quilted velvet, fabrics, canvas, transparent plexiglas, and much more. You can choose chairs with classic lines, original shapes, trendy or bi-material colors.

Our vintage chairs are also objects of decoration, colorful and design, which can be placed in the dining room, kitchen, garden or bedroom to relax.

You have the choice between a chair with armrests, a coffee chair, a folding or stackable chair, and all these models are selected to meet the expectations of all in interior decoration. We also offer you living chairs with metal feet, armrests and padded, ergonomic office chairs adjustable in height, as well as folding and easy-to-maintenance chairs in black or white leather seat for children's room.

Our chairs come in several colors, such as black, brown, yellow, green, white, grey, pink and blue, to give character to your interior. Choose from our wooden design chairs, in design rattan, lacquered metal, red metal, with patchwork chair cushion, with capitized back or simply in black fabric and metal structure.

Chaise Origami Naturel

€132.50 €92.75
  In stock: delivery within 48 hours
In stock : 4

Natural Origami Chair KARE DESIGN reference 80608 - Loft Attitude

Discover the chair Origami Naturel KARE DESIGN reference 80608, a modern and elegant design furniture that will bring a touch of originality to your interior. Made with quality materials, this chair offers optimal comfort thanks to its seating in wood. His 4 feet in chrome steel gives it great strength and durability in time.

A unique furniture for all interior styles

Thanks to its unique style, this chair fits perfectly in all types of interior decorations, whether in a dining room, kitchen or even an office.

Opt for a quality furniture, unique design and exceptional durability for your home or office.

Feel free and order on our site loftattitude.com now the Origami Natural chair KARE DESIGN reference 80608 to enjoy its optimal comfort and its unique style.

  • -30%

Forum white and wood retro design chair

€157.50 €110.25
  In stock: delivery within 48 hours
In stock : 1

Retro design chair white and wood Forum KARE DESIGN reference 78933 - Loftattitude.com

The Forum chair of the brand KARE DESIGN is the perfect choice for those looking for retro button in their decor. With its elegant design in white and wood, this chair will bring a warm and comfortable atmosphere to any room.

A unique style and exceptional quality

With its reference 78933, the Forum chair offers a unique style and exceptional quality, in addition to being made from durable materials. Add a touch of retro style to your home with the KARE DESIGN Forum chair.

Order now for a warm atmosphere at home

Enjoy this piece exceptional furniture home. Order now on our site Loftattitude.com and add a touch of retro style to your interior with the KARE DESIGN Forum chair.

Also available in other colours.

  • -30%

Monaco vintage brown imitation leather and wood chair

(3 reviews)
  In stock: delivery within 48 hours
In stock : 2

Simili chair brown leather and vintage wood Monaco brand Kare Design reference 81837

Give a touch of vintage style inside with the chair leather brown and wood vintage Monaco of the brand Kare Design reference 81837. This chair in look retro is coated with brown leather simili with apparent seams, and rests on 4 feet in walnut color wood. The association of these two materials gives it all its identity and unique charm.

Designed to offer a optimal comfort, this chair is ideal to be installed in your office or around your dining table.

Features of the chair simili leather brown and vintage wood Monaco :

  • Simili leather brown coating with apparent seams
  • 4 feet wood walnut color
  • Retro design adapting to vintage decoration
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Reference 81837 of the Monaco collection by Kare Design

Order now the chair simili brown leather and vintage Monaco of the brand Kare Design reference 81837 on Loftattitude.com.

Also available in wood and fabrics.

  • -20%

Monaco chocolate fabric and walnut wood chair

(1 review)
  In stock: delivery within 48 hours
In stock : 2

Chair of chocolate and walnut wood Monaco brand Kare Design reference 81834 for Loftattitude.com

The chair Monaco is coated with tissue chocolate color and rests on four feet in wood walnut color. With his retro style, this pretty chair will fit perfectly to your cosy decoration.

Its chocolate color associated with its walnut wood structure gives it a unique identity. It also offers a optimum comfort. Ideal for use in an office or around a dining table, this chair of the brand Kare Design will meet your expectations.

Also available in brown leather.

  • -20%

Designer chair in black imitation leather and Costa wood

€215.83 €172.67
  Deliveries within 15 days
In stock : 10

Simili design chair black leather and Costa wood from the brand Kare Design reference 78581 for Loftattitude.com

Discover the Costa design chair of the brand Kare Design reference 78581 available on our website Loftattitude.com. This beautiful chair in the modern look is coated with leather black with apparent white seams. It rests on 4 wooden feet walnut color, which gives it all its sound identity.

Add this design chair to your trendy decoration and current. Its black color mixed with its wooden feet offer a look chic and elegant. Son comfort at all times ensures you unforgettable relaxation.

Install it in your office or around your dining table for one friendly atmosphere and modern. Enjoy this chair daily and let yourself be seduced by its unique design.

Also available in wood and fabrics.

  • -20%

SWING modern white leather effect chair

€125.83 €100.67
  In stock: delivery within 48 hours
In stock : 2

Modern chair white leather SWING brand CAMINO A CASA - Ref. 635-015168-CROMOBLANC

Find chrome steel rectangular base

Discover Modern chair sWING white leather effect of the brand CAMINO A CASA (reference 635-015168-CROMOBLANC) on Loftattitude.com. This chair consists of a seat and a high backrest in relief, made from a elegant leather effect white. It is based on a rectangular chromed steel base, adding a touch of modernity to its design.

The Modern chair with white leather SWING is designed to provide optimal comfort during your extended meals. Its thick seat and high back allows you to relax while enjoying its unique style. In addition, his foot in chrome steel gives it a remarkable and trendy finish.

Add one character touch to your dining room by installing this chair around your table. Whether with family or friends, enjoy its unique design to create a friendly and modern atmosphere.

  • -20%

Chaise design simili cuir noir WIRE HEAVEN

€107.50 €86.00
  In stock: delivery within 48 hours
In stock : 2

Simili leather chair black WIRE HEAVEN from the brand Kare Design reference 82744 for Loftattitude.com

Discover design chair leather black WIRE HEAVEN with 4 feet of black steel, brand Kare Design reference 82744, available on Loftattitude.com.

This designer chair modern look is ideal to bring a trendy touch to your interior decoration. Its high file and the curved shape of its seat give it a unique identity. Add to this one cushion for one optimum comfort and you have chair perfect for everyday use.

Install it around your dining table or in your room for a chic and contemporary atmosphere.

Order now chair WIRE HEAVEN on Loftattitude.com for fast and secure delivery.

  • -20%

Chaise design simili cuir blanc WIRE HEAVEN

€107.50 €86.00
  In stock: delivery within 48 hours
In stock : 2

Find Simili White Leather Chair WIRE HEAVEN - Kare Design reference 82743 Loftattitude.com

Discover the design chair WIRE HEAVEN of the mark Kare Design reference 82743, available on our website Loftattitude.com. This chair is covered with leather white and has 4 feet in steel black for a modern and trendy look.

With its top file and the curved shape from its seat, this chair offers excellent support and comfort thanks to its cushion. Its unique style will fit perfectly with your contemporary interior decoration.

Use this beautiful chair around your dining table or in your room for a chic and comfortable style daily.

  • -20%

GRID black metal chair

€182.50 €146.00
  Delivery within 9 days
In stock : 8

Black metal chair GRID Kare Design 83113 - Loft Attitude

The chair GRID of the mark Kare Design is a superb chair in industrial style, covered with a grid in metal black color. It has a cushion for its seat and rests on 4 feet in black steel. It will easily adapt to your trendy and current decoration, for daily use in your kitchen or around your dining table.

  • -20%

Chair with brown velvet effect armrests MODE

€365.83 €292.67
  Delivery within 15 days
In stock : 8

Find Chair with Armrests Brown velvet MODE Kare Design - reference 84439 Loftattitude.com

Add one confor keyt and elegance in your interior with the chair effect velvet brown MODE of the brand Kare Design, reference 84439, available on our site Loftattitude.com.

A cozy and contemporary design

This brown velvet chair is equipped with'arms high and rests on 4 feet in black wood for an elegant and trendy style. She will bring cosy atmosphere and current to your dining room or office.

Comfortable and practical

The chair MODE is not only aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic, but also comfortable thanks to its upholstered seat and back. You can thus welcome your guests in all usability around your dining table or use it as a desk chair to work safely.

A product at the cutting edge of the trend

This brown velvet chair is incredibly trendy and will fit perfectly into a contemporary interior. Don't wait to add this masterpiece to your collection furniture design.

  • -20%

DESIRE gray relaxing chair

€1,399.17 €1,119.33
  Delivery within 15 days
In stock : 1

Chair long having a structure in agglomerated beech clothed a gray colored fabric with a finish hooded rests on solid wood frames.

With its soft padding and sa long seat comfortable, this chair would be the perfect companion to spend good moments of relaxation.

Thanks to its design modern and timeless, this chair will adapt to your interior decoration.

  • -20%

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