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Find Trends and Design Offices to Spare Your Workspace Find Loft Attitudes

Discover on our online store a selection of trend and design offices from our renowned suppliers such as Kare Design, Ixia, Denzzo, Drimmer, HOME EDELWEIS, Camino a casa, Socadis and Present time. Design and decorate your workspace with offices that harmonize with your interior.

Whether you want to place your office in the entrance, in the living room or in a special room, our online shop offers small and discreet offices that easily integrate into your home. We offer a wide range of offices, from the Scandinavian office to the modern office through the industrial office. You can choose a wooden, steel, teak, glass office according to your preferences.

Our design offices are also functional, some with drawers and shelves to facilitate storage, and others with built-in luminaires for a comfortable work environment.

Design and functional offices for a stylish interior

Offer a peps shot at your home with our Scandinavian offices in various colors, or opt for a white design office with glass tray or mirror tray, sliding tablet and computer service. For a more classic decoration, we also offer white lacquered or matt offices, in light wood or black metal.

We also offer office accessories to complete your workspace and office storage to maintain the organization. Our team of professionals stay at your disposal for all decor advice and help you find the perfect office for your home.

A wide selection of cheap offices for all tastes

Our Loft Attitudes website also offers low-cost offices, corner offices, computer offices, and vintage-style offices. You can easily find the office that fits perfectly into your workspace while respecting your budget.

Create a comfortable and stylish workspace that fits perfectly into your home with Loft Attitudes.

Bureau X Factory 3 tiroirs

(5 reviews)
  Delivery within 15 days
In stock : 1

Office X Factory 3 drawers of the brand KARE DESIGN reference 80324 on Loftattitude.com

Discover our heartfelt shot for the brand X Factory office Kare Design. This office at the rustic look and contemporary is very trendy thanks to its mix of materials. Convenient and sleek, it is ideal to store all your accessories thanks to its 3 drawers covered with wood. Its concrete aspect reinforces its industrial style, while its 4-foot wooden reinforced by metal rods accentuate its robust appearance.

Order now on our site loftattitude.com to enjoy a quality product that will last years. With this office, you benefit from a practical and aesthetic workspace that will meet all your needs.

    Puro Ethnic Light Wood 5-Drawer Desk

    (1 review)
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    In stock : 0

    Desk 5 drawers in ethnic light wood Puro from the brand Kare Design reference 81333 for our site Loftattitude.com

    Opt for one ethnic look with this wooden office (manguier) of the brand Kare Design. With his ageing and its motifs engraved in the wood, this office has 5 storage drawers, each with a unique handle. Whether you're hosting your computer or as a hairdresser in your room, this office is an elegant and convenient choice.

    With its incredibly trendy style, this light wooden office is perfect to bring a unique touch to your interior decoration. Ethnic patterns engraved in wood add a artisanal dimension at this office, making him a unique product.

    Do not wait to add this Puro office to your workspace or room. Order now on Loftattitude.com and enjoy the fast delivery.

    Add the Puro mirror for a perfect set.

    Discover the entire Puro range.

      Designer glass desk 125x70cm Transparent

      €649.17 €584.25
        In stock: delivery within 48/72 hours
      In stock : 2

      Office design transparent glass - CAMINO A CASA 611-015002-CLEAR - Loftattitude.com

      Discover our office design transparent glass of the brand CAMINO A CASA, reference 611-015002-CLEAR. With his minimalist design and sleek, this office has rounded curves and a wide tray, giving it an inimitable style.

      Ideal for hosting your computer, this office can be used both as a functional working tool and as an object elegant decoration. Whether in your room or living room, it will perfectly find its place and allow you to use it fully on a daily basis.

      • -10%

      Industrial gray wood and steel desk BURO

      (1 review)
        In stock: delivery within 48 hours
      In stock : 1


      Office with wood imitation tray natural with 2 drawers, it rests on a steel base black.

      Bring a purely touch industrial in your interior with this office. Son tray with wood appearance and gray shades reveals the veins, placed on 1 base in steel black and offering for storage 2 drawers sliding.

      A piece trend to quickly install at home!!

      • -50%

      Modern desk 2 drawers gray green white NEAT

      €258.33 €180.83
        In stock: delivery within 48 hours
      In stock : 1

      Find 2 drawers white grey NEAT - Brand Present Time - Reference LM1474 Loftattitude.com

      Discover the modern NEAT office of the Present Time brand with its 2 color drawers gray and green. Reposing on 4 feet effect wood clear, this office is the ideal addition to your loft, offering a decoration to the modern and practical atmosphere on a daily basis. Its wide tray and drawers offer storage spaces to keep your work space well organized.

      With its perfect finishes, this NEAT office adds a scandinavian touch at your home, creating a harmonious and elegant decoration. Order now on Loftattitude.com and give a modern and functional look to your loft.

      • -30%

      OFFICIA glass and steel desk

        In stock: delivery within 48/72 hours
      In stock : 1

      Office of glass and steel OFFICIA of the brand Kare Design reference 9162 for our site Loftattitude.com

      Discover the office in glass and steel OFFICIA of the brand Kare Design on our website Loftattitude.com. This contemporary design office has a long rectangular tray in glass flat 8mm thick, resting on feet in steel chromed.

      With its sleek and original style, this office is also very functional thanks to its table in glass easy to clean. The reference 9162 on our website Loftattitude.com is the guarantee of a quality purchase for your workspace.

        LORENCO glass and chrome steel office table 180x90 cm

          In stock: delivery within 48/72 hours
        In stock : 1

        Desk table in glass and chromed steel LORENCO 180x90 cm - Kare Design reference 71571 Loftattitude.com

        Give yourself one desk table design with the LORENCO table of the brand Kare Design, reference 71571, available on our website Loftattitude.com. This table has a long tray in glass 10 mm thick, based on a structure and 4 feet in chrome steel for optimal stability.

        With its sleek and unique style, this glass table and chrome steel will be the flagship element of your office. Its mixture of materials makes it a product trend and modern that will complement your decoration to the universe design and contemporary.

        The table LORENCO measures 180x90 cm, offering a large working surface for optimal use. This glass desk table and chrome steel is not only aesthetic but also robust and resistant, offering a complete charm.

        Order now desk table LORENCO on Loftattitude.com and enjoy our fast delivery and our quality customer service.

          LORENCO glass and chrome steel corner desk

          (7 reviews)
            In stock: delivery within 48/72 hours
          In stock : 1

          Find items in the LORENCO glass and chromed steel corner office by Kare Design - Item # 71570 Loftattitude.com

          The corner office LORENCO is a furniture design proposed practice Kare Design and available on our website Loftattitude.com. With its two trays in glass 10 mm thick corner office offers a beautiful workspace to work effectively at home or in business.

          Son design modern integrates easily into all interior styles and its structure in chrome steel enhances its aesthetic side while guaranteeing a stability. The four-foot chrome steel also brings a touch of modernity to the office and ensures its durability over time.

          The LORENCO angle office Kare Design is ideal for those who seek to develop their workspace in an elegant and practical way. Order it now on Loftattitude.com !

            TOKYO white wood and metal look folding desk

            €107.50 €53.75
              In stock: delivery within 48 hours
            In stock : 3

            Office table with surface tray wood foldable, it rests on a white metal structure.

            Bring a touch trend to your interior with this office that will be practical to you daily thanks to its tray foldable. One space de work ideal for small rooms.

            An indispensable product quickly install at home.

            • -50%

            Small wood and white metal look desk TOKYO

            €127.50 €63.75
              In stock: delivery within 48 hours
            In stock : 3

            This little office with tray wood with a shelf up. All resting on a white metal structure.

            Bring a touch trend to your interior with this 80 cm desk that will be practical to you daily thanks to its workspace comfortable and perfectly optimized. Ideal for small parts, it will adapt to wonderful in your interior.

            An indispensable product quickly install at home!

            • -50%
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