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Top quality canapes at home Loft Attitude, provided by the best suppliers

Discover our selection of top quality sofas for your living room at Loft Attitude, provided by our renowned partners such as Kare Design, Ixia, Denzzo, Drimmer, Home Edelweis, Camino a casa, Socadis and Present Time. We offer high quality products, made with durable materials for intensive use.

Sofas for all tastes, made by quality partners

Home Loft Attitude, we have selected for you the best sofas of our suppliers, with unique and trendy models for all tastes. Whether you're looking for a modern, traditional, comfortable, design, leather or fabric sofa, we have the product you need. With exceptional quality finishes, our sofas will bring a touch of sophistication and elegance to your interior.

Order your couch at home Loft Attitude now!

We are proud to offer high-quality sofas, suitable for all needs. Home Loft Attitude, we know that the sofa is one of the most important furniture in your home. This is why we have selected for you the best products of our suppliers, with unique and trendy models for all tastes.

Our partners are recognized for their know-how, innovative design and manufacturing quality. You can be sure to find home Loft Attitude the perfect sofa for your living room, for optimal comfort and impeccable quality. Order now and receive a fast and reliable delivery service, as well as a customer-ready service to answer all your questions.

Sofa pink velvet fabric gold legs ROYAL

  Delivery within 15 days
In stock : 3

ROYAL pink velvet fabric - Brand Present Time

The sofa velvet fabric pink rOYAL gold legs of the brand Present Time (reference LM1852PI) available on Loftattitude.com is a perfect choice to add a touch of style to your living room. Revêtu d'un pink velvet fabric luxurious, this sofa brings a sophisticated and trendy atmosphere.

With 4 wooden feet black and golden, this sofa offers a mix of unique styles, ideal for a modern loft. Its timeless design and refined details such as its velvet effect on its entire surface, its bass seat and armrests make this sofa a central element of decoration.

Bring a touch of fashion and elegance to your interior by installing this sofa in your living room. Its contemporary look and coating velvet pink give him an original identity. Turn your space into a modern and fashionable world.

Give yourself the ultimate comfort and relax in this exceptional sofa. Its quality materials and careful design guarantee an unforgettable relaxation experience.

    Ecru velvet 2-seater sofa LILY

    €624.17 €499.33
      Delivery within 15 days
    In stock : 1

    Ecru velvet sofa 2 seat LILY from the brand Kare Design reference 85326 for Loftattitude.com

    The sofa 2 seats LILY of the mark Kare Design reference 85326 is clothed in fabric velvet soft and elegant color ecru. With its timeless design, this sofa brings a touch of modernity to your interior. The 4-foot tilted golden steel add a touch of glamour and ensure optimal stability.

    This sofa 2 seats LILY is a perfect blend of style and comfort. With its effect velvet on its entire surface, its low seating and its lounge look, it invites relaxation and relaxation. Its atypical design makes it a unique piece of furniture that will add cachet to your living room.

    Give a touch of fashion to your living room with the sofa 2 seats LILY. Its trendy look and timeless design make it an indispensable element of your interior decoration. Order it now on our site Loftattitude.com.

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    BLERIOT faux leather aviator sofa

    €832.50 €790.88
      Delivery within 15 days
    In stock : 1

    HOME EDELWEISS brand similicuir BLERIO fan reference FA981 Loftattitude.com

    Discover Canapé aviator similicuir BLERIO of the brand HOME EDELWEISS reference FA981 on Loftattitude.com. This rugged sofa with original design in brown similicuir is the perfect element to add charm to your interior. With its 2 armrests and 4 wooden feet, it offers both a vintage look and timeless elegance, adapting to both retro-chic decorations and industrial loft-style decors.

    Inspired by generous curves and comfortable of the famous "fauteuil club" or "cherfield family" imported into France towards the end of the 19th century, this magnificent sofa embodies luxury and luxury refinement. Whether in your living room or office, this must-have will add a luxurious touch of style to your space.

    • -5%

    COMFORT blue monochrome ellipse sofa

    €332.50 €282.63
      In stock: delivery within 48/72 hours
    In stock : 1

    Ellipse sofa Blue hall CONFORT of the Brand Socadis - Loftattitude.com

    Discover the ellipse sofa contemporary design and with a rounded shape, a true masterpiece of your decoration. Its captivating complexion blue adds a touch of character to any space. Designed for ultimate comfort, coating buckle wraps you in a cozy cocoon.

    The Ellipse sofa modern style rests elegantly on four inclined feet, adding a note'originality his timeless aesthetic. Its elegant look and modern makes it a perfect choice for contemporary interiors.

    Transform your living space with the Ellipse sofa Blue CONFORT Socadis. Associez elegance and comfort to create a warm and modern atmosphere in your interior.

    Find this product in Loftattitude.com and let yourself be seduced by the perfect covenant between contemporary style and absolute comfort.

    Characteristics :

    • Trendy round shape, adding a touch contemporary
    • Captivating Teinte blue for a significant presence
    • Buckle offering exceptional comfort
    • Original design with four inclined feet
    • Modern style bringing a timeless touch
    • -15%
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