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Design and unusual Gadgets on Loft Attitude

Original gifts for all occasions

Looking for a gift or just a gadget fan? We all have what you need! Modern, playful or simply practical, we have for you all kinds of accessories. Alcohol accessory (such as original glasses or alcohol distributor), office accessory (calendar, rest style or pencil jar) or accessory for mobile phone (iphone case, car support for mobile phone or telescopic perch), check out our entire collection of original gadget, geek gadgets, office gadget and unusual gadget!

Tough accessories for children

At Loft attitude we don't forget the youngest! Our range of accessories for children offers photo frames, playful stool or fun pulley. It is about getting out of the current gifts found in the toy shops and enjoying our items to surprise a bit!

Storage accessories and useful gifts

Don't have any trouble finding the astute and playful accessories that are missing in your interior: sock, shoe wax or cufflink, we have for all tastes and to meet all needs! And if you miss these famous storage accessories to be able to carry with you documents, keys and cards, we have everything you need: clever card holder, wallet holder or wallet, key holder and even bezel holder! Want to make a useful and playful gift to a wine lover? Come and discover our selection of corkscrew and decapsulator. And if your target is rather a literary and fervent reader, offer an original page mark!

Gadgets for all tastes

Finding the perfect gift is possible on the website Loft Attitude. You will find an unusual gift, a birthday present, an original gift and unusual objects. For a birthday or just to decorate your interior, we offer you various gadgets like a night lighter, mug, keychain, pen, lighter, pen, pencil, useful gadget and high tech gadget, smartphone accessory... Our team selects many products to meet all your requests.

A touch of fantasy

At loft attitude, the open mind is set! So for the most naughty, we even decided to propose a mini selection of sexy accessories! For light-sensitive travellers, instead of opting for a humorless night mask, check out our range of night masks and find the article out of the ordinary! Looking for more original ideas for gifts or to dress your

Bye bye baby pacifier photo frame

€15.75 €11.03
  In stock: delivery within 48 hours
In stock : 10

Picture frame "Bye Bye Baby Tétine" by the brand Balvi - Reference 25511 Loft Attitude

Realize the abandonment of your child's teat with the photo frame "Bye Bye Baby Tétine" de Balvi. It's a fun and original way to congratulate your child for finally saying goodbye to her worshipped. Take a picture of your baby and hang her teat on the frame to keep a precious memory of this unique moment. Give him that extraordinary gift proposed by Loft Attitude, your reference shop.

  • -30%

Secret notebook with BARBAPAPA padlock

€6.67 €4.00
  In stock: delivery within 48 hours
In stock : 3


To write theirs stories the most secret children will be delighted by this notebook Barbapapa !!

His color funny pink and his padlock make all the identity of this notebook secret to offer.

  • -40%

Red chewing gum dispenser 28 cm

(18 reviews)
  In stock: delivery within 48 hours
In stock : 16

Red Chewing-Gum dispenser 28 cm - Loft Attitude

Discover superb antique gum dispenser in red bALVI (reference 26689) Loft Attitude. This distributor works with a piece of 20 euro centimes to get a delicious ball of gum. (it is possible to disable the coin for use without 20 centimes)

For information gum balls that we sell for this distributor measures 1.5 cm, and it is possible to put other candy, such as M&M's dragibus, etc.

In addition to its chewing-gum distribution function, this distributor is a true decoration element that will delight the children and their parents. Add a button fun in your interior with this playful object.

Don't look at this place Loft Attitude, you will find ideal gift. Offer it to your loved ones or enjoy it by choosing this unique gum dispenser.

  • -25%

Set of 2 LANGUAGE ice cream molds

€15.83 €7.92
  In stock: delivery within 48 hours
In stock : 8

Set of 2 LANGU ice moulds from the brand Fred reference FR1953

Create fun home ice creams for your children

Ice molds LANGUAGE of the mark Fred (reference FR1953) offer you countless opportunities to stimulate your creativity. Let your imagination run free by combining different flavors and textures to create unique ice-creams in the form of a language rigolote. Your children will be delighted by these playful creations!

Offer an original and fun gift idea with ice molds LANGUAGE de Fred, available on our online store, Loftattitude.com. We specialize in dislodged objects that bring a touch of fantasy to your daily life. Order now and please your loved ones with this playful gift signed "Fred".

  • -50%

SLICE designer waste paper basket Blomus

€74.17 €51.92
  In stock: delivery within 48 hours
In stock : 1

SLICE design paper basket Blomus - Clean lines in brushed stainless steel

La Corbeille design paper SLICE Blomus is a versatile product that can also be used umbrella door. With its clean lines in brushed stainless steel, it has become a must of the brand Blomus. Thanks to his elegant and minimalist, it fits perfectly in all types of interiors. The reference 65155 de Blomus offers you a product high-end which will perfectly fulfill its role in both cases.

Characteristics of the SLICE design paper basket Blomus :

  • Lines cleaned brushed stainless steel
  • Polyvalent: can be used as paper or paper basket umbrella door
  • Elegant design and minimalist
  • Output high-end of the mark Blomus (reference 65155)
  • -30%

Designer Acrylic Desk Set

(1 review)
  In stock: delivery within 48 hours
In stock : 2

Office set in Acrylic Design Balvi (Reference 23547) on Loftattitude.com

The Office set in Acrylic Design Balvi (Reference 23547) is the perfect accessory to complete your office. This set includes a scotch reel, one stapler and one perforated, all made in acrylic high quality.

Offer or offer this office set acrylic design of the mark Balvi, available on Loftattitude.com. It is also a great gift idea for your loved ones.

With its elegant finish and modern design, this office set in acrylic add a touch of style to your workspace. Don't miss the opportunity to improve your productivity and organize your office with this set practice and aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic.

  • -30%

Fragile cover for IPad mini tablet

€10.00 €7.00
  In stock: delivery within 48 hours
In stock : 1

Fragile cover for iPad mini tablet of the brand Balvi (reference 25630) on Loftattitude.com

Discover fragile cover for tablet iPad mini of the mark Balvi (reference 25630) on Loftattitude.com. This single protective cover stands out by its design inspired by a true letter bearing the inscription "Fragile". Offer light protection to your iPad thanks to this fragile protective cover, created by Balvi.

  • -30%

No smoking door sign Blomus

€11.67 €8.17
  In stock: delivery within 48 hours
In stock : 3

Smoking ban sign Blomus - reference 68208

Elegantly specify the smoking ban in your home or premises with the adhesive door panel Blomus.

With Blomus, the signal becomes a real element of decoration and design. The smoking ban sign Blomus reference 68208 is a quality product, proposed by our decoration shop Loft Attitude. Add a touch of elegance to your home or premises while respecting anti-smoking rules.

  • -30%

Door sign prohibited for telephones and GSM SIGNO

€8.33 €5.83
  In stock: delivery within 48 hours
In stock : 2

Notify your students, patients, clients with adhesive door panel Blomus prohibits telephones and GSM SIGNO

Respect the rules of your establishment by indicating in an elegant and clear manner that the use of telephones and GSM is forbidden in this area. With this adhesive door panel Blomus of reference 68147, you can communicate effectively while adding a touch of modernity to your environment.

Made by the renowned brand Blomus, this door panel forbids telephones is both resistant and easy to install thanks to its high quality adhesive. It is ideal for indoor use and is ideal for schools, hospitals, offices and other places where silence and concentration are needed.

Use this adhesive door panel Blomus to preserve the tranquility and respect of the rules of your establishment. Order it now on the site Loftattitude.com !

  • -30%

Black arrow computer mouse

(1 review)
  In stock: delivery within 48 hours
In stock : 3


Access your computer portable or fixed with this mouse with design modern.

He'll bring fun to the house work or in your office and quickly become one indispensable offer or offer.

  • -40%

Transparent glass skull carafe 1L

(15 reviews)
  In stock: delivery within 48 hours
In stock : 11

Carafe transparent glass head 1L - Balvi |misumi Loftattitude.com

Discover bottle of conical glass of the most original with one head of death in his center. Manufactured by Balvi, this carafe transparent glass death head is a true masterpiece.

With his matching glass cap, this carafe head of death of the brand Balvi is perfect for the decoration of your bar or interior. It is ideal for the decantation of all kinds liqueurs such as whisky vodka cognac, or even rum.

With a liter's capacity, this transparent glass death cylinder can easily be cleaned with a dishwasher, thus offering a convenient and undistorted maintenance. You can fill in your glasses or your shooters with style thanks to this unique carafe.

Opt for the carafe transparent glass head 1L Balvi reference 26397 to bring a touch of originality to your collection. Order it now on Loftattitude.com.

    Distributeur de chewing gum 23cm AMERICAN DREAM

    (10 reviews)
      In stock: delivery within 48 hours
    In stock : 14

    The Chewing-Gum Distributor AMERICAN DREAM Balvi 23cm (Reference 26690) - Loft Attitude

    Discover superb gum dispenser AMERICAN DREAM Balvi (Reference 26690) Loft Attitude in a retro style captivating in red. This distributor offers a unique experience, working with a single piece of 20 euro centimes to get you a delicious gum ball. In addition, it is possible to disable the coin for use without needing the 20 centime piece.

    (For your information, the gum balls on sale on our site is 1.5 cm, but you also have the possibility to put other treats such as treats M&M's dragibus, and much more.)

    Beyond its chewing-gum distribution function, this distributor also serves as an authentic decoration element that will make the happiness of children and their parents. It will add a touch of gaiety to your interior, making this object a choice ludique and must be.

    Don't look at this place Loft Attitude, you will discover the ideal gift. Whether for your loved ones or for yourself, opt for it unique gum dispenser and please.

    • -20%

    UNICORN white unicorn paperweight pen

    €15.83 €11.08
      In stock: delivery within 48 hours
    In stock : 10

    Press white unicorn paper UNICORN Balvi (ref. 26724) on Loftattitude.com

    Build your office with this superb paper press in the form of white unicorn. Also enjoy his chrome pen convenient, arranged easily and practically on the front of the animal, thus forming the horn!

    Offer a practical and original gift idea that will seduce your friends. Discover this press unicorn paper on Loftattitude.com now.

    • -30%

    THE HEAD Concrete Gray Face Pencil Pot

    (4 reviews)
      In stock: delivery within 48 hours
    In stock : 7

    Pigs pencils face grey concrete THE HEAD of the brand Balvi - Reference 26778 Loftattitude.com

    Move your office with style thanks to this sculpted face pencil pot. Its grey concrete color gives it a design and original look. Enjoy its vast space to organize your pens and other accessories, and keep them at your fingertips by placing it on your desk.

    This is pencil jar face face grey concrete THE HEAD of the brand Balvi, reference 26778, is to be discovered on Loftattitude.com. Offer or offer your loved ones a practical and original gift idea that will not fail to seduce.

    • -30%

    Globe for chewing gum dispenser 23 cm

    (9 reviews)
      In stock: delivery within 48 hours
    In stock : 5

    Glass replacement Globe for gum dispenser Balvi R3083 - Loftattitude.com

    You are looking for a replacement globe for your distributor gum of the mark Balvi reference R3083? Don't look anymore! Home Loftattitude.com, we have the room you need. Easily replace your cracked or broken globe with this high quality glass globe.

    With our spare globe, you can enjoy your chewing-gum dispenser again in peace. Fill it with your balls gum preferred and left for new tastings!

      BUDDY gray man door holder

      (5 reviews)
        In Stock: Delivery within 48 hours
      In stock : 9

      Cale door representative man elongated colour gray.

      This little man will help you to perfectly hold the shattered doors.

      Unusual and original, it's a little accessory house that will please children and all those who like to put a strap on humor in their cozy interior.

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